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The WaterLeap project in Moldova aims to transfer best-practice based experience and innovation in asset management together with flexible and modular (waste) water treatment solutions. These solutions will meet the demand, customised to the local circumstances and available resources. Best practice experience in integrated water supply and wastewater service will be made available to optimise the various trade-offs between for instance the short- and long-term goals.

The WaterLeap project is co-funded with a KEP (Knowhow Exchange Programme) grant provided by the ADC (Austrian Development Cooperation) as part of the CEI (Central European Initiative) Knowhow Exchange Programme.

The WaterLeap project consists of five work packages:
1. Project management
2. Knowledge transfer phase A – key concepts
3. Knowledge transfer phase B – initial implementation
4. Knowledge transfer phase C – feedback, deepening and on-demand topics
5. Communication, dissemination and promotion

WP1 – Project management
This work package is led by BDG, who has a longstanding, hands-on expertise in project management. The aim is to achieve the project objectives in close cooperation with the Main Partner, the Key Partners, and the Key Funders.

WP2 – Knowledge transfer phase A – key concepts
In this work package all materials, logistics and knowledge exchange activities are prepared. Central is the identification of key concepts and how to implement those in in each of the involved organisations.

WP3 – Knowledge transfer phase B – initial implementation
In this work package all participants in the best-practice and knowledge exchange focus on the actual first implementation steps.

WP4 – Knowledge transfer phase C – feedback, deepening and on-demand topics
In this work package lessons-learned from the previous phase, will be shared and deepened on needs basis.

WP5 – Communication, dissemination and promotion
This work package focuses on the development and production of a range of publicity materials and communication strategies to maximise the exposure of the WaterLeap project.


The result will be a knowledge transfer of best-practice experience and innovation in Asset
Management to water authorities in how to optimize decision-making in all lifecycle phases of wastewater treatment. Delivered will be: 2 central and 2 regional workshops; monthly interactive webinars; 4 focused finalizing workshops; range of publicity material, publications and manuals in Romanian and Russian language. Impact of the project will be realised with an increased awareness and understanding of implementing state-of-the-art Asset Management practices, with improved effectiveness and efficiency in operations, management and innovation transfer. Awareness will be raised of flexible (modular) wastewater treatment solutions that can be adapted to local circumstances, and how a change in perspective from wastewater as residual to a source can have major benefits to local (rural) communities.

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