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WaterLeap Project Closing Conference

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The WaterLeap Project Closing Conference took place on 23rd of November 2016 at Hotel Codru in Chisinau. About 23 actors relevant for the water sector in Moldova attended the event and a new approach related to innovation in the water sector was tackled.






Note however that the WaterLeap project is foreseen to continue afterwards. More on this will follow in due course.

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Regional Workshop in Balti, Moldova

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On 22nd of November 2016 the WaterLeap project team organized a Regional Workshop at Town Hall in Balti with the subject: “Waste water seen as a resource”. About 20 representatives of the local water sector attended the event (local public authorities, local water company, private companies, media etc.).

After the workshop, the project team visited the waste water treatment plant in Balti.


Some video materials were published on local TV websites:


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The 5th WaterLeap Intermediary Workshop

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On 8th of June 2016 at “Moldovan Waters” Agency in Chisinau it was organized a workshop within the WaterLeap project which was attended by 25 representatives of the water and wastewater sector in Moldova.

The workshop was structured in two parts: a session of case studies presentation and interactive debate and a session of proposals and ideas for financing water projects.


Business cases design waste water treatment

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WaterLeap Project Launching Conference

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On February 25th, 2016, representatives from the Moldovan water and wastewater sector at large gathered in Chisinau on the occasion of the kickoff meeting of the WaterLeap project. In a full room of around 45 participants, with simultaneous Romanian-English translators, the meeting was opened by Mr Ciprian Nanu, from the implementing partner BDG of the WaterLeap project. The keynote speakers were:

1. Ministry of Environment, Mrs Serafima Tronza
2. ADC, Mr Constantin Mihailescu
3. BWMAM, Mihail Turculet
4. Honorary Consul of the Netherlands in Moldova, Mr Robert de Groof

This was followed by an overview on innovative water treatment technology by Mr E. Leeuw and an overview on asset management policy and optimisation in the water sector by Mr T. Baur. Both these overviews offered a glance on what the WaterLeap project is about. The audience represented a wide range of sectors, from research, universities to technology companies, utilities to local and national administration, which led to a fruitfull meeting with lively discussions during the meeting and in the break and afterwards.


WaterLeap Project_Ciprian Nanu

Legislative Framework_Water supply and sanitation in Moldova

Water supply and sanitation in Moldova_Mihail Turculet

Strategy in wastewater treatment_Eef Leeuw

Asset management_Tom Baur