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WaterLeap Project Partners

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Co-funding partners

The WaterLeap project is co-funded with a KEP (Knowhow Exchange Programme) grant provided by the ADC (Austrian Development Cooperation) as part of the CEI (Central European Initiative) Knowhow Exchange Programme.

Key partners

Ministry of Environment Moldova (
Apele Moldova Agency (

Implementing partner

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT GROUP (BDG) is a management consultancy company with 20 years’ experience in promoting and supporting local development projects in Central & Eastern European countries, in selected sectors, by contributing to a coherent policy making and functional institutional and legislative framework. BDG has initiated and participated in multiple projects in the field of integrated water management.

A list of BDG’s involvement in water projects in Romania is presented in the “Water Projects 1993-2014 brochure” (see: BDG is the national coordinator of the Romanian-Netherlands Water Platform (RNWP), where BDG invites organizations and institutions from Moldova to participate in work sessions and workshops in Romania, with the aim to create premises for future collaborations between Romanian and Moldovan water institutions. BDG organized the first private trade mission with Dutch water companies in Moldova (May 2014) and is preparing the ground for initiating several future project proposals, such as Horizon 2020 and Regional project proposals.

Main partner

BASIN WATER MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY OF MOLDOVA (BWMAM) is a state enterprise under the Agency “Waters of Moldova” with the main objective of managing and monitoring water resources and water use, and administrating water basins. BWMAM is active in two major river basins of Moldova: Danube-Prut (at the border with Romania and the Black Sea) and Nistru. BWMAM, as part of “Water Moldova”, with the ownership of the Ministry of Environment, is involved in a series of large international water projects, such as: “Prut River Basin Management Plan”, “Geographic Information Systems for Water Resources of Moldova” and “Support for technical and management assistance in flood protection within Republic of Moldova’s territory”.